How cool is This !?!?!?!

No Barking at Naptime

No, the University of Iowa isn’t admitting dogs (though I would much rather room with a dog than some random human). I’m referring to a new course at the University, taught by Mary Trachsel (who I met through the Iowa Humane Alliance). The course is called Dogs Inside and Out, and Mary was kind enough to send me the syllabus. Basically, the students will be reading, writing, and talking about dogs all semester! Who wouldn’t want to take that class? Kids these days have it made. The main text they’ll read for the course is Man Meets Dog, by Konrad Lorenz, which I haven’t read, and they’ll read parts of Inside of a Dog, by Alexandra Horowitz, about which I have read (and I have been meaning, and meaning, to post a review–stay tuned). The most exciting part of the class is that they will do final…

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