My Dog Works For Santa Claus

YES, My Dog Works For Santa Claus … but I have to admit that I’m not really all that surprised to find this out. There have been a lot of little signs that I just chose to ignore until today.

– She has been very jolly and cheerful
– She has been very well behaved lately
– She has been eating all of her supper without complaints
– She has been learning a few new tricks
– when we go for walks and we see a deer she wants to run over and talk to it
And …
– She has been hiding her toys from me and she doesn’t want to tell me where they are


Then, today I came into the house unexpectedly and caught her  ….

Merry Christmas Everyone and don’t forget to leave out a few milk-bones for Santa Paws!!!


2 thoughts on “My Dog Works For Santa Claus

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