Taking Dogs For Walks in the Winter

I wrote this great article about taking dogs for walking in winter weather conditions and I’ve been waiting for the weatherman to start talking about bad weather conditions, (you know: below zero temps, blizzards, hazardous travel conditions and ice storms), but so far its been a nice winter.

I know, we’ve had a few below zero temps at night, but all in all, it’s been great so far. We’ve had NO snow at all and, In fact, today it was 52 degrees and sunny. Patchs and I took two walks for a total of about 5 miles and the only thing blowing out there was a few left over leaves that didn’t get picked up off of the yard!

So I guess I’ll just save it for a little while and tell you about our walk today.

As we were walking I came across a guy I used to see quite a bit. I haven’t seen him for about six months and it turns out that he has been working 3rd shift so our schedules didn’t cross until today. I think he took the day off to enjoy the weather!

He noticed that I had a different dog with me so I told him about Neka passing (that’s who he remembered me walking) which led to him to telling me that his dog had passed away on Thanksgiving weekend.

He told me that he would be getting a new dog this spring and he made a point of saying that it would be “another” rescue. It turns out that he has had many dogs over the years and they have all been rescues.

We spoke for about 10 minutes and when we left to continue our walk he mentioned that when he gets his new dog we should get our dogs together. I said “absolutely” …

So the moral of the story is: no matter what time of year it is, take the time to say hello to the people you see. When you do, you may be able to help them become a better dog owner … or, like me, you may find someone that will inspire you to continue on!!!


3 thoughts on “Taking Dogs For Walks in the Winter

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  2. You made me think about how much I enjoy greeting people dog-walking in my neighborhood. It is sadly true, and I’m as guilty as the next, that in Southern California people generally do not know their neighbors. But it’s different with dog owners. Although we don’t currently have a dog, I am yearning to take that leap. We have other situations that don’t make that possible right now, but I go out of my way to visit with those who do. Lovely post, Andrea. Enjoy your “no-snow” season as long as you can! 🙂 Debra

  3. I couldn’t have said it better! Our extra warm weather will only be around for a few more days, so we are going to spend as much time as possible enjoying it outside!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

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