Our First Award of Recognition

Over the past 4 months I’ve been working on this blog. I’ve tried to offer a well rounded variety of content from comedy to news to high value information that can make a real difference in our viewer’s lives and the lives of their dogs.

Today I received notice that the Dog Leader Mysteries blog has chosen to put IOWA Dog Trust on their list of the Five Animal Blogs I Dig . While it’s not a Pulitzer or a contract for a book deal, it a really nice feeling and validation that what we’re trying to do is touching the visitors to our blog.

The Iowa Dog Trust is all about helping young people and the dogs they interact with on a  day to day basis. Animal abuse has reached epidemic proportions and if we hope to stop it, we need to start teaching children before they pick up any BAD habits. That’s why we need to partner together with other dog groups and other websites like Dog Leader Mysteries.

Thanks for your recognition and your vote of support of our work!


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