The Dreams of a Shelter Dog


The Dreams Of A Shelter Dog

By Michael Albee

dreams-of-a-shelter-dogThe card on the door of my run says that my name is k219875. I don’t know why I’m here. I’m scared, a can’t hide and I can’t get away. So when you approach me I bark to warn you. But you think I’m mean!

I’m really not a bad dog. It’s just that most people don’t know how to help me! I don’t want to be like this, I just need someone who understands me and knows how to talk to me.

If no one comes soon, they say I will be put down. I don’t know what that means, but it doesn’t sound good.

When I fall asleep, I dream.

In my dream I’m walking! I have a collar around my neck and it is attached to a leash. It’s a warm, sunny day and there is a nice human walking beside me. He calls me “good dog” and I can tell that he likes me because I can feel the warmth and kindness in his voice. I wag my tail to let him know that: “I like you too”.

Then my dream takes me to a big backyard. I’m lying in the soft green grass. I’m chewing on a big bone while my humans sit around me talking and having fun. Some of their puppies, (the little humans), are running around the yard. They toss a ball for me and we play with all my toys. We play for what seems to be forever. Some of them take the time to teach me some tricks. I enjoy it because I like to be around them, and besides, they give me treats and call me “Good Dog” when I do them right. I really like the name “Good Dog” a lot.

In my dreams, I’m also running in a big open field with lots of other dogs. We are running and chasing each other. We bark for joy as we tumble around together in the soft, tall grass. It’s great to have friends to play with.

Every day it’s the same thing, I get to run, I get to play, I get to go for long walks. I have a safe place to live, and I have someone that really cares about me. And best of all, I’m not afraid anymore! Awh, This is the Life!

Then … BANG … I hear a big steel door slam. It scares me and I wake up! I jump to my feet. Someone’s coming … I bark because I’m scared, and no one wants me because they are afraid of me.
Maybe, just maybe, next time I wake up, my dreams will be real.


Becoming The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are

Becoming The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are

There are a whole host of “self Improvement” books, tapes and classes you can buy or take to help you become a better person.

But before you spend the money, I submit that ALL you really need to do is sit down and be honest with yourself. Look at who you are now, what you want from your life and where you want to be 5, 10 or 25 years from now.

The best way to do this is to make three lists.

On the first list write down everything you like about yourself and your life. On the second list right down everything you want to be or add to your life. One the third list wright down everything you want to remove from your life.

Then make the necessary adjustments.800-DSC03065

The somewhat easier way is to just become the person that your dog thinks you are! It’s amazing how observant they are, and they will tell you when you have got it right!!!

If you don’t have a dog, you really need to get one. They are great insight into how to live life to the fullest. Go to a local shelter and get one. Your life (and the life of that dog) will be much better for it.

Got a minute or two?


A Best Friend’s Devotion

I recently ran across this quote and wanted to share it.

I can’t think of anything that brings me closer to tears than when my old dog — completely exhausted after a hard day in the field — limps away from her nice spot in front of the fire and comes over to where I’m sitting and puts her head in my lap, a paw over my knee, and closes her eyes and goes back to sleep. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve that kind of friend.” — Gene Hill

Why Dog’s Eat Grass

Most dogs eat grass from time to time, but when you see it happen you might be worried that something is wrong because it doesn’t seem natural. After all, you give your dog plenty of food, RIGHT? So is he hungry? Sick? Bored? Will eating grass hurt him?

Eating grass is a common practice for dogs (it has also been observed in wild dogs) and it does not usually cause any problems. (except when they puck in the house). Most veterinarians consider it to be a normal dog behavior.

Studies of dogs that have regular access to grass and other plants found – shows that 79% of those dogs had eaten plants at some time. A survey focused on plant-eating dogs, found that grass was the most commonly eaten plant.grass-dogs

There are several of reasons suggested as to why dogs eat grass.

Some people suggest that dogs turn to eating grass when they don’t feel well and that eating grass is a way to make themselves vomit, resulting in feeling better. But the evidence suggests that most dogs that eat grass aren’t sick before they eat the grass. In fact, less than 10% of dogs seem to be sick before eating grass, according to a survey. In the same survey, of the dogs who ate grass – less than 25% of  vomited after eating it.

Other opinions offered suggest that dogs might be eating grass to improving digestion, treating intestinal worms, or that it fulfills some nutritional need, like the need for more fiber.

All of these reasons may actually have some validity. But, there is also one other possibility … your dog simply just likes the way grass tastes or feels in his mouth. Like you, your dog likes a treat from time to time, and he thinks that grass is the equivalent of an ice cream cone …. you know, a “treat”.