Bonding With Your Dog — Monday Funnies

In an effort to get your week off on the right foot … It’s time once again for the Monday Funnies. (I love Family Circus)

How many of you take YOUR pillows for a walk?


It’s the Great Pumpkin Puppies – Happy Halloween Funnies

The Sunday Funnies - It's The Great Pumpkin Puppies

I Found this photo on and
I thought it would be perfect for this week’s Sunday Funnies!

Be Safe, Keep your Puppies Safe & Have a Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

Dogs Doing Funny Stuff

If you have been reading this blog, you know that back in April I had to say goodbye to my beautiful German Shepherd Neka after a very short illness.

Patchs and Neka got along great with each other from the first moment they met. They loved to play together, wrestle and just hang out, but it was much more than that. After a short time it was like they could finish each others sentences and yes even each others thoughts.

There were times that I would stop what I was doing or turn off the TV and just watch them. More times than not, if you watched them close enough you could see them talking to each other, even though there was nothing ever said. (I mean no barking)

Between them and you could fill in the words to the non-verbal communication, because you could just tell what was going on in their minds!!!

Here’s a few examples: