Our Pets – Our Teachers (Learning from Dogs)

Today was a particularly rough day! Nothing went right … well except that it finally ended.

My Best Friend Patchs

I’m sure we’ve all had them. I’m not saying that I’m the only one who has a bad day! But I did find a way to beat it. So, that’s why I’m sharing this with you.

I totally stressed. My deadline is only a day away, and I’m sure that I’m not going to make it! Then it happened!

I was reminded about de-stressing and shown what is really important in life by, none other than, my dog.

At the height of frustration, she crossed the room, walked over to me, and sat down next to my chair. Then she looked up at me and gave me a tiny little whine. You know, the wine that says: You need a break, and you haven’t payed any attention to me in hours. And the one that says: I can help! You just need to come down on the floor and play with me for a while. Then finally: I’m not going away! You are going to have to come down and play!

The funny thing is, It turns out that she knew exactly what I needed. It took just a few minutes and I had forgotten all about what was bothering me. I was calmed down, and we were having a great time playing with her toys.

She had once again shown me, what every dog I’ve ever had has shown me at least a dozen times over the years. And that is: that nothing is THAT big of a deal! You have to live in the moment and go with the flow! She showed me in just a few brief moments that the only important thing is what you are doing right at that moment.

Then it came to me. The Dog’s Code of Life!
Which is: If you can’t play with it, eat it, or chase it … piss on it … and move on!

Thanks Patchs, you are truly a great friend!